"Bring Out Your Funny Side with Funny My Brain is 80% T-Shirt!"

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Hey there, fellow meme-lovers and internet addicts! Have you ever felt like your brain is constantly filled with hilarious thoughts and witty comebacks? Well, now you can show off your funny side with the new startup idea, Funny My Brain is 80% T-Shirt.

This t-shirt is perfect for anyone who loves to spread the joy of humor wherever they go. It's made from soft, high-quality material that feels comfortable to wear all day long, allowing you to focus on making people laugh instead of worrying about your outfit.

Whether you're a software engineer like me who wants to lighten up the office vibe, an aspiring comedian who needs to advertise their funny gigs, or just someone who wants to make a statement and share their sense of humor with the world, this t-shirt is perfect for you!

-Soft and comfortable material that feels great against your skin
-Funny and catchy slogan that will make people laugh and start conversations with you
-Comes in a variety of sizes and colors to fit any style and preference

-The design might not be suitable for formal occasions or serious events. But who wants to be serious all the time, anyways?

Bottom line: Funny My Brain is 80% T-Shirt is a fun and affordable way to show off your humorous side and make people smile. It's perfect for anyone who wants to add a touch of humor to their daily life. I give it a solid 8/10 rating!

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