Geass Eye Slayin' Premium Tee Review: Get Ready to Geass Out in Style!

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Hey, guys and gals! It's your girl Maya, and today I'm bringing you a review of the Code Geass LeLouch and the Geass Eye Premium T-Shirt. As someone who has a love for anime and all things geeky, I was excited to try out this tee from Ripple Junction.

First things first, let's talk about the design. This tee features a bold and striking image of LeLouch, the main character from the anime Code Geass, with his Geass eye front and center. The colors are vibrant and the print is high-quality, making it a real eye-catcher. It's the perfect statement piece for any Code Geass fan looking to show off their love for the series in style.

The tee itself is made from a soft and comfortable material that feels great against the skin. It's also true to size, so you don't have to worry about any awkward fitting issues. And, as an added bonus, it's machine washable! No need to waste precious time and money on dry cleaning.

Now, let's talk about who would benefit from this tee. Obviously, if you're a fan of Code Geass or anime in general, this tee is a no-brainer. But beyond that, anyone looking to add a touch of geekiness to their wardrobe would benefit from this tee. It's perfect for casual wear, but can also be dressed up with a cute skirt or blazer for a more elevated look.

- Eye-catching design
- Soft and comfortable material
- True to size
- Machine washable

- Limited to fans of Code Geass or anime in general
- Some may find the price point a bit high

In conclusion, the Code Geass LeLouch and the Geass Eye Premium T-Shirt is a great choice for anyone looking to add a geeky touch to their wardrobe. It's comfortable, stylish, and perfect for fans of the anime. While the price point may be a bit high for some, you really can't put a price on expressing your love for your favorite fandoms. Overall, I'd give it an 8 out of 10 - definitely worth considering if you're in the market for a new tee!

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